Cricket at Werribee Indoor Sports

For nearly 30 years people have been enjoying playing indoor cricket at Werribee Indoor Sports Centre. With up to 5 Indoor Cricket Courts with competitions for Seniors (both mens and mixed), Juniors and Super/ Majorleague as well as clinics for the younger kids.

As well as the traditional eight a side competitions we also cater for six a side games.

Both 6 and 8 a side games provide a high scoring simplistic format that makes an exciting game to be enjoyed by people of all ages, bothMen & Mixed.

Just as in outdoor cricket the basic skills of running, hitting, fielding & throwing are the backbone of the game. Indoor Cricket has something to offer everyone.

Werribee Indoor Sports offers Senior, Junior, Super League as well as midget clinics for 5 years old and over

Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket is a dynamic sport played all year round right across the world, and is the ultimate sport for fun and action!

Indoor cricket at Werribee Indoor is competitive and athletic in an enjoyable and social environment. We cater for males and females of all ages and abilities. We also have a great social area for friends and family to enjoy.

Indoor cricket is unique because all players participate equally by each batting for four overs and bowling two overs. Another advantage of indoor cricket is that there is limited need for protective gear as the ball has a foam-filled centre and thus is considerably softer than a regular cricket ball.

Indoor cricket is a great 1¼ hours entertainment with the added bonus that if you get out, you only lose 5 runs and can keep on batting. You are also guaranteed a game each week… we’re never rained out!!

Junior Indoor Cricket

Werribee Indoor Sports runs Junior Indoor Cricket. The the Junior Indoor Cricket page for more details.

Read some more information on the game of Indoor Cricket.

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