Indoor netball is a variation of netball, played exclusively indoors, in which the playing court is surrounded on each side and overhead by a net. The net prevents the ball from leaving the court, reducing the number of playing stoppages. This gives indoor netball a faster pace than netball.

There are two main types of indoor netball, “5-a-side” and “7-a-side”. Indoor netball has both ladies and mixed-gender matches, and to a smaller extent men’s games.

The rules of indoor netball are similar to that of netball, with two teams aiming to score as many goals as possible. An indoor netball game consists of four quarters of 10 minutes. There are two umpires one for each half of the court. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the match.


As well as running competitions for both Ladies and Mixed with the traditional 7 a side teams we also run 5 a side ladies competition. We also have a junior competition from Under 11 to Under 15 with clinics for the younger kids.

For nearly 30 years people have been enjoying playing indoor netball at Werribee Indoor Sports Centre.

This fast game is ideal for all types of groups and at 40 minutes per game fits into our busy lifestyle. From beginners to social & work groups this game appeals to our team sports spirit & is great for forging friendships or meeting new people.

The rules are simple & all necessary instructions & equipment are supplied. We also provides daytime Ladies competitions.

Werribee Indoor Sports offer Senior, Junior, Super League as well as midget clinics for 5 years old and over.


This version is a lot like original netball, with the court in divided into thirds and with seven players similarly positioned. Only 1-point shots are possible, and only from inside the shooting circle.


Indoor netball is all about speed, strategy, team-work and co-ordination and is played all year round right across the world. It is unique because it is faster and more exhilarating without losing the traditional appeal of outdoor netball.

Indoor netball at Werribee Indoor is competitive and athletic in an enjoyable and social environment. We cater for females and males of all ages and abilities. We also have a great social area for friends and family to enjoy.

Indoor netball is a great way to get fit and make new friends. You are also guaranteed a game each week… we’re never rained out!!

Please note we have stopped charging registration fees from 10th May 2018 onwards and as a result do not offer player accident/medical insurance. Players play at their own risk.